About Container Central Limited

Our prices are very competitive. We aim to maintain this to ensure you, the customer is happy.

Who We Are

Container Central Ltd., is a limited liability company (VAT Reg. No.: 319052) with its office and showroom located at the Fernandes Industrial Centre Suite 9 unit # 903 Eastern Main Road, Laventille. We are a supplier to the hospitality industry of various containers, fast food containers, various designs, colours and size napkins, drinking containers and disposable and reusable dining wares and cutlery.

Container Central Ltd., has been supplying the hospitality sector and the general public throughout Trinidad and Tobago since its inception in 2012 and is committed to this industry. We have a team of equally dedicated and trained staff to offer advice and consultation if required.

What We Do

The strength of Container Central Ltd., is our diverse range of products and our customer service. From a teaspoon, plate or a wine glass to pizza boxes or chicken and chips boxes Container Central Ltd. is a one stop shop that can cater to all your fast foods or party needs. Whether you are a Cafe, Restaurant, Hospital, Nursing Home, Fast Food establishment, BBQ or Burger sidewalk seller, supermarket or party supply store we will be able to assist you.

The brands we sell are the best in the business. We will not sell a product just because it’s cheap. We pride ourselves on selling the best products at very competitive prices.

Our aim is to have your experience with Container Central Ltd. pleasurable and effortless with the least amount of stress.